Use Custom Domains on LeadMaster Landing Pages

Creating Vanity URLs and Using Custom Domains for LeadMaster Landing Pages

There are many marketing reasons for desiring your LeadMaster Landing Pages to appear as though they are hosted on your own company’s website domain. By default, Leadmaster’s Landing Pages have a URL similar to the following:

You may wish to have it appear as:

To do so, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Contact your LeadMaster Consultant to inform them of the details.
Step 2 – While LeadMaster prepares any details on their side, have your IT/Webmaster member who is in charge of your website, log into your webhost’s
control panel.
Step 3 – Each control panel can be different, so look for the area to add DNS Records. You want to add a “CNAME” record.


If you cannot find the section within your Control Panel, contact your host’s customer service for assistance.

Step 4 – Once in the DNS Records section, find the place to Add a New Record.

Step 5 – Add a new CNAME record.

Step 6 – Fill in the following three necessary details.

The “Hostname” is the subdomain/domain you wish your Landing Page to appear to come from (your company’s domain). (Can be titled “Domain name,” “Host,” et.al. Yet should show your domain as an option).

The Type, in this situation, must be CNAME. (Can be titled “Record Type” et.al.)

The Value, must be the domain of your Landing Page: solutions.crmtool.net (This field may be titled “Canonical name,” “Name,” et.al but will be a free text field to type the Landing Page’s above domain)

Step 7 – Be sure to add/save your new DNS record.

Final Step – Verify with your LeadMaster consultant if there are any further needs. Be sure to test your Landing Page by replacing the “solutions.crmtool.net” part of your Landing Page Domain, with your selected “Hostname,” and see your Landing Page in action!


Take note, that the new URL cannot be HTTPS. It must be HTTP as in the below example:

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