Google Calendar sync not working even with authenticated google credentials

I followed the procedure to authenticate my google account for the LeadMaster calendar. I got a confirmation in LM – it shows “authenticated” in green but my google calendar still does not sync with LM Calendar.

Here’s how to check if your Google Credentials have been successfully authenticated:

1. Log into your Google Calendar Account settings

2. Go to Connected apps & sites under Sign-in & Security

3. Look for “leadmastersoftware” in the list of Connected Apps

“leadmastersoftware”  IS NOT LISTED:

  • Log into LeadMaster and go to your Account Settings
  • Go to the Calendars and Callbacks tab and Click the “Authenticate Credentials” again (even for those with green “AUTHENTICATED” text)

 And Allow/Authorize access

  • Click the Update button > Log out and Log back into your LeadMaster Account

IF “leadmastersoftware”  IS ALREADY LISTED

  • From your Google Account settings
  • Connected apps & sites under Sign-in & Security
  • Click Manage APPS and remove access of  “leadmastersoftware”
  • Log out and log back into your LeadMaster Account
  • Go to Your Account Settings page
  • Click the “Authenticate Credentials” button
  • Allow/Authorize Access then hit Submit
  • Don’t forget to click Update when you get redirected back to your Account settings page

After you have completed all the steps, you may launch LeadMaster Calendar and create a test event. Check if the event synced with your Google Calendar and vice versa

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