LeadMaster CRM Contact Form 7 Integration

PREREQUISITES: Contact Form 7 plugin, Company ID, Lead Provider Username and Password – to be provided by your LeadMaster Consultant.

Send Data from Contact Form 7 to the LeadMaster CRM

NOTE: The LeadMaster Contact form 7 TO API plugin works as an extension to the Contact Form 7 plug in – to enjoy seamless and automated lead capture, the Contact Form 7 plugin should be installed.

Download And Install The LeadMaster Contact Form 7 To Api Plugin

  1. To get started, install Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress, if not yet installed.
  2. Download the LeadMaster Contact form 7 TO API Plugin. Navigate to LeadMasterCRM.com > Under About Us go to Support and click on Help Videos to download the zip file.
  1. Log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins in the menu bar, on the left side of the dashboard and click on the ‘Add New’ button
  3. Upload the downloaded zip file to install then Activate.

Configuring LeadMaster With Contact Form 7

  1. On your WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to Contact Forms
  2. Create or edit your existing contact form that you want to use in sending data/leads to LeadMaster CRM.
  3. Simply go to your form settings and click on API Integration tab.
  4. Enable or put a check mark on “Send to API”
  5. Enter the Base URL – refer to LeadMaster CRM Integration Guide for the Post URL.

Base URL should look like this:

NameLeadMaster Field LabelDefault Value
Workgroup identifierlp_CompanyIDProvided by your LeadMaster Consultant
Lead provider usernamelp_UsernameProvided by your LeadMaster Consultant
Lead provider passwordlp_PasswordProvided by your LeadMaster Consultant
  1. Input Type = Parameters GET/POST
  2. Method = POST
  3. Save

Mapping LeadMaster Fields To Contact Form 7 Fields

  1. On the Contact Form’s API Integration settings page, navigate to the Form Fields Mapping section
  2. Start mapping away by entering the field labels provided in the Lead Provider Integration Instructions in the API Key field.
  1. Once you’re done mapping all the fields, Click Save Changes.

That’s it! You have successfully integrated LeadMaster with Contact Form 7.

LeadMasterCRM Help Videos
LeadMaster CRM – Lead Provider Integration Instructions
LeadMaster Contact Form 7 Plugin Tutorial Video


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