Email Signatures Tab

On this tab you will be able to set up your primary email signature to be used when sending out emails from within the applications.  Once you have a primary signature set up you will then be able to set up additional signatures, allowing you a wide range of signatures to use when sending out emails from the application.

In order to create a new or edit an existing email signature you will either click the “Add” button (for new signatures) or the “edit” link (for existing signatures).  You may also delete an existing signature is you no longer need it.  When you Add or Edit a signature you will be taken to the email editor within the application where you will make your changes.  The editor is an html editor and while it does look similar to creating a word document it is html based and therefore does follow html guidelines.  For those that are familar with html you do have the ability to click on the <HTML> icon and be taken to the actual html code where changes to the actual code can be made.

Here’s how you can have a multiple line signature and logo in your email signature.

1.)    Create a two column table in the applications signature editor

2.)    Place your image in the left hand column

3.)    Split the right hand column into an appropriate number of rows so as to space the lines of your signature as you desire

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