Email Address Verification: Workgroup VS Personal Email Address

To be able to add a “Source” or “From” email address in LeadMaster’s E-Marketing, users are required to authorize and verify their email addresses first.

They can do this by going to the Main Admin page > Marketing / Email / Lead Nurturing Campaigns section > Email Address Verification.

Email Address Verification

Why don’t I see all the verified email addresses in the list of “From” Email Addresses on the E-Marketing page?

Here’s Why:

Only verified Workgroup Emails will show to all users as “Sender” Email Address when sending Email Campaigns from LeadMaster. Those are emails added and verified from the Email Address Verification page.

On the other hand, verified Personal Emails will only be visible to the owners and logged in users. Those are emails added and verified while sending bulk emails from the Accounts/Contacts List and Search Result page.

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