Checkbox Questions

Checkbox questions allow the submitter to be presented with multiple responses in a manner that displays all of the responses to them and allows them to select more than one response. 

Adding New Questions

Checkbox questions can have their parameters set to display the responses in a single column or multiple columns, whether they are required or whether they are read only.  Checkboxes can also be mapped to various system and record fields.

Adding New Responses and Sub-Questions

To add a new checkbox response click on the Add Response link next to the question.  Sub-Questions can be added by clicking the Sub Question link.  NOTE – all Sub Questions will be displayed after the Checkbox responses.

Editing or Deactivating Checkbox Type Questions and Responses

Checkbox type questions can be Edited, Deleted or Deactivated.  To edit or deactivate a radio type question click on the question.  To edit or deactivate a radio type response,  and make your edits or put a checkmark in the checkbox to deactivate the question.  To delete a question or response then click on the delete button.

NOTE – We strongly recommend that no question or response be deleted once a custom form has been made live and collected data.  If you no longer want the question to display on your form you should deactivate it.  This allows you to still search for and report on the questions data that resides in existing records.

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