Email Signature and Lead Nurturing Tracks

When sending emails, LeadMaster gives you the option to include your ’email signature’ which can be configured in both the ‘My Account’ settings and Hierarchy.

LeadMaster pulls the email signature from the “My Account Settings” for users with logons to add to the signature portion of the email.

For users that are only in the hierarchy (Partner Reps & Account Managers without logons) it will pull from the email signature in hierarchy.

For Lead Nurturing Tracks – if the email is sent from the assigned Account Manager / Partner Rep then it will always use the email signature from hierarchy.

Lead Nurturing Tracks pull the email signature of the user selected in the “from address” as long as the “include signature” is selected from Lead Nurturing Track.  The choices for sending a Lead Nurturing Email from are:

  • Logged in User
  • Assigned Partner Rep
  • Assigned Acct Mgr/Sales Rep
  • OR any specific user name with a login

For Example: I am logged in and creating a Lead Nurturing campaign.  For the ‘From Address’ I choose the  Assigned Acct Mgr/Sales Rep.  After adding contacts to my Lead Nurturing Campaign, it will be sent under the  Assigned Acct Mgr/Sales Rep with their corresponding email signatures if they have one.  Although I already set up my own email signature and I already enabled my  “include signature”, the email of the Assigned Acct Mgr/Sales Rep will be included in the Lead Nurturing Email and not my own.

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