Opportunity Workflow

LeadMaster’s workflow automation is a built-in function that provides a simple point & click environment to automate your business processes and automatically perform routine tasks.  Now automated workflows can happen when an opportunity is created or updated.

Some of the general functions for workflows include:

  • Alerts – An email, a text message or a telephone call from LeadMaster. Alerts are typically sent to someone in the sales or marketing organization.
  • Marketing Messages – Similar to an alert the marketing message can be an email, a text message or a telephone call from LeadMaster.
  • Field Updates – Workflow rules can update a variety of fields in the system to values of your choice whenever business actions trigger the rule.
  • Tasks – LeadMaster tasks are designed to mimic your business processes and are assigned to individuals in your organization. They have time limits and actions can be defined for either accomplishing the task on time or missing the deadline.  For example, you may want leads followed up within 20 minutes. You can create a task so that if the lead isn’t updated within 20 minutes it is reassigned to another sales rep.  Tasks can repeat until the criteria for satisfaction is achieved.
  • Workflow – Workflow can start another workflow.  The workflows are executed in order from the top of the page to the bottom of the page.

Start by giving the workflow process a name and deciding when the workflow should apply.  For Opportunities the 3 choices are:

  1. For new opportunities
  2. When updating existing opportunities
  3. For both new and whenever an existing opportunity is updated

Setting up the Workflow

LeadMaster Opportunity Workflow

Next, select the conditions under which this workflow will operate.  The are a variety of fields available…

Workflow Conditions

Opportunity Workflow Condition

and then select the conditions.  Conditions include things like greater than, less than, equals to, is not equal to, contains, was checked (for checkboxes) and was updated.

Workflow Operator

Opportunity Workflow Operator

Aa a result of the condition being true there are a variety of actions available.

Workflow Actions

Opportunity Workflow Actions

One of the available options is to update the opportunity.

Workflow Action to Update Opportunity

Workflow Action to Update Opportunity

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