Track User Activity


The Track User Activity function allows the user to query by Workgroup, User Type and Date Range. You can view individual user activity by:

  • Number of Logons
  • Number of Records Created
  • Number of Records Updated

Track User Activity Query Page

Track User Activity

NOTE: Only Billable Users are included in the User Activity Report.

User Activity Report

User Activity Report

Running the User Activity Report will open the User Activity Report which shows:

The number of users’ number of logons:

  • The date used for tracking user activity is the user’s local time
  • Each logon results in an increment to the number of logons

Number of records added by the user:

  • Adding a record results in an increment to the number of records added

Number of records updated by the user. Records updated – based on the following actions:

  • updating a record from the sales update and edit profile pages
  • assigning a record (via popup dialog)
  • attaching a custom form
  • adding an activity to a record or contact
  • adding / editing a callback
  • updating an attached custom form
  • adding a note (via popup dialog)
  • adding / updating a contact associated with a record (via popup dialog)
  • adding / editing an opportunity
  • adding / editing a quote

NOTE: The number of records updated is calculated by adding each update for each record. If a User touched 5 Records and made 10 updates on each one, the number of Records Updated will show 50.

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