How to bypass security on Public Custom Reports

Public Custom Reports are always accessible to anyone with access to Reporting page but with limitations to Record access for certain user types.

As designed, Reports ALWAYS enforce Security – Account Managers and Partner Reps can only view Records that are assigned to them.

If you wish to give certain Users access to ALL Records on Public Custom Reports, here’s a work around to “bypass the security” with the help of Saved Searches:

  • Create a saved search
  • Enter the preferred Name for the Saved Search
  • IIs Public: NO
  • Select individual users from the list
  • Apply Security for Selected User: NO
Create a saved search
  • Create a public custom report
  • Log in as another user (Acnt Mgr/Partner Rep) that does not have access to all the records
  • Go to the Reports page and select a Public Custom Report
  • Filter Data for the Report and select a Saved Search that bypasses security > Click Search
  • Then Run the Public Custom Report.

Account Managers/Partner Reps can also run the Report and create a shortcut to the report that will be saved in their homepage accordion:

  • Select a Saved Search that bypasses security from the “My Searches” accordion
  • From the Search Result list page > go to Result Options and select > Report on Search Results
  • Go to Custom Reports tab and select a Public Custom Report
  • Click Go


Saved Searches for Public Custom Reports MUST be Private and saved for individual users as anyone who has access to reports will also have access to all records via the public saved search – otherwise, this approach will compromise security.

Only users with user type: Administrator can create Searches for other Users – this privilege can be enabled from the logon Management Page under “Searching” section

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