How can I import multiple products when importing opportunities

To import multiple products you’ll need to combine all of the products for each opportunity into a single cell and then use the [][] delimiter.  You’ll also need an equal number of values for the price and quantity.

If the product doesn’t have a quantity then use 0 and delimiters.

For example:

Product1[][]Product2[][]Product3 – Notice that the Product comes first, then the delimiter.

The corresponding Amount/Price cell would look like this – Price1[][]Price2[][]Price3

If there is no price then you’d use Zeros and the cell would look like this – 0[][]0[][]0

If the import file contains Opportunities with multiple and only one product you’ll need to use the [][] delimiter on the end of the single product’s name, price and quantity.

For Example:

Product Cell – ProductName[][]

Price: ProductPrice[]

Quantity Cell: ProductPrice[][]

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