‘Responses are Dependent On’ Field in Custom Forms


There are times when you are capturing information and depending upon the response you’d like another field filled in and then have the system jump to yet another field.  That is what you get with the ‘Responses are Dependent Upon’ feature for single select custom form fields.

Here’s how it works.  In the image below you’ll see a list of available fields on LeadMaster custom forms.

Custom Form Field Types

Custom Form Field Types

When you select ‘Single Select’ you’ll see an option ‘Responses are Dependent On’.  The drop down menu for ‘Responses are Dependent On’, contains a list of other single select fields on the custom form.  When you select a field from the drop down menu for ‘Responses are Dependent On’ the system will allow you to define a relationship between this field (in this example Rep Type) and the Dependent On field (in this example Annual Billings).

Single Select Field

There are a variety of selections for both the Rep Type and Annual Billings fields. For each level of Annual Billing we are going to define which Rep Type should be selected.

Dependent Upon Field Choices

In the image below we’ve defined that if the Annual Billings are ‘Less than $500,000′ then the Rep Type should be set to ‘Inside Sales Rep’ and the system should jump to the question ‘How many active client accounts do you currently have?’

Response Dependent Upon

When the annual billings are selected the system automatically assigns the appropriate type of rep and moves to the pre-defined next question.  In this case, if the Annual Billings are less than $500,000 the account is assigned to an Inside Sales Rep and the system moves the cursor to the question, ‘How many active client accounts do you currently have?’.  

This feature is especially handy for inside sales teams and call centers that survey customers.

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