Activity Hub Report

Activity Hub is a report that shows you all the activities inside your database.

Here’s how to configure your system to be able to use the Activity Hub Report feature:

  1. Mouse hover Admin
  2. Select Manage Workgroup
  3. Click the Tracking, Aging, Audit, Logging
  4. Enable Record Activity Logs
  5. At the bottom part in Reports section make sure Activity Hub in added in the “Has Access To” column

You can also give access to a specific user or to all users

  1. Go to Logon Management
  2. Select the user(s)
  3. Go to the Internal Settings
  4. In the Reports section
  5. You can add the Activity hub in “Has Access to” column
  6. Click Submit

There are two versions of this report:

1. Activity Hub Streamlined – Is found in My Search in the homepage accordion. Here’s the available filter for the Activity Hub Streamlined

LeadMaster CRM - Activity Hub Report Streamlined

Video Tutorial – Activity Hub Streamlined

2. Advanced Activity Hub – Is found in your dasboard. Here’s the available filter for the Advanced Activity Hub

LeadMaster CRM - Advanced Activity Hub Report

Video Tutorial – Advanced Activity Hub

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