Adding Users


Admin/Administration page> User/Workgroup section > Add User


CRM Users can be either your people who can log into the CRM system or people in your company’s hierarchy who are assigned records or leads.

PREREQUISITES: User with the following privilege: Add / Edit / Delete Logons

To create a New User:

LeadMaster CRM - Adding Users
  1. Log into LeadMaster CRM
  2. Go to Admin/Administration page
  3. On the Adminstration page, under User/Workgroup section expand Login Management / User Security accordion and click on Add User. This will redirect you to the Add User page.
  4. On Add User page, enter the following details:
    • Workgroup – pre-populated
    • First Name – User’s First Name
    • Last Name – User’s Last Name
    • Email – User’s email address.
    • Username – Preferred username. We recommend using the user’s email address for Username to avoid any conflicts.
    • New Password – Set the user’s password. (For security reasons, the new password you have entered for the user is temporary. When the user logs into the system using the new password, they will be instructed to enter a new password.)
    • Verify New Password – Verify the new password
    • Set Security – Set the logon settings for the user based on the settings defined for the selected security template.
    • Send Logon Info To New User – Choose whether to send the logon credentials to the new user by email or not.
  5. Click Submit

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