When you clone a WorkGroup – what doesn’t clone?

 When cloning a Workgroup, there are a few things that don’t clone:

  • Quick action selections in campaigns (you won’t see Quick Actions unless you select these)
  • All 3 Quick Actions sections are mandatory in the clone even if they weren’t mandatory in the original
  • the main menu (you get the default – any customization doesn’t clone)
  • marketing activities
  • Lead-Xpress email content
  • Lead Nurturing tracks
  • round robin queues
  • email history
  • weblinks
  • email marketing campaign history
  • order of fields in terms of page customizations (label set is preserved)
  • enabled / disabled fields
  • workflows are all paused
  • images on custom forms are not cloned
  • email verification
  • security levels
  • some reference tables (opportunity sales stage for example)
  • Archived Records don’t clone (but the archived records do count toward the record limit for cloning)
  • View Profile & Review & Take Action views are enabled even if they were disabled in the original WG
  • does not remember the setting to remove links at the bottom of the page

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