Create a Custom View for Displaying Accounts

When you search the Accounts list, the results show using the Default View. You can create your own views, which allow you to control which columns are displayed and the order in which those columns appears. Views do not include filter or sorting criteria.

To create a new view:

  1. Click >SEARCH
  2. Click Search Result Views from the Page Menu
  3. Click Create View
  4. Enter a name for the view
  5. Choose to make the view public or not
  6. Move fields back and forth between the Available Fields list and Fields in View list to get the fields you want in your view
  7. Use the Up/Down buttons to change the order of the Fields in View
  8. Click Submit

To use a view:

  1. Click on Accounts (NOTE: your organization may have created a custom label for this, so it might be named something else; it appears below the Home option on the top menu)
  2. Click on Change View; pick something other than Default View.
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