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Depending upon the way your LeadMaster administrator has configured Lead-Xpress, you will receive an email with a request to update your accounts / records / leads with a link to a web form.

This method will allow you to update your account / record / lead in the LeadMaster Lead Management CRM System. The web form is customizable and can be as long or as short as needed to capture the desired information from the sales team.

This article provides a short explanation of both.

Working with the Request to Update Records Email

Here’s an example of the Request to Update Records email:

The embedded form is compatible with most email clients.

  • For many email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., you can update the record directly from within the email. Just fill in the appropriate fields and click Submit.
  • If your email client does not properly display the embedded form, click on the link (circled in red) to update the record.
  • Please note – once you have updated the record, the email may no longer accurately reflect the data in the LeadMaster system. For example, if you update the lead status from “Warm” to “Hot”, your email will still show “Warm”. You should click on the link to see the current data for the record after the initial update.

Completing the Web Form

This form is customizable. You can decide not only which sections you want to include or exclude, but you can also customize many of the individual items inside the sections.

Contact Info – Provides basic company and contact info

Click Action Check Boxes – By checking the box that corresponds with your update, the system will log, date and time stamp the information. This is the fastest and easiest way to update your records. All of these check boxes are user-definable

NOTE: Please note that checking some boxes will result in corresponding actions that are programmed through LeadMaster’s Automation and Workflow Management feature.

– Send Intro Email and Whitepaper
– Add to Lead Nurturing, etc.

Profile Summary – These are user-definable fields. As shown here they help track both the status of the lead and once an opportunity is identified, the sales stage.
Because most of these fields include a list of choices, they provide a consistent way of tracking and measuring performance.

These fields are tied into reporting and charting so that progress is easily tracked on the LeadMaster dashboards.

When you’ve completed a sales call simply update the account using one or more of these fields.

Custom Forms – In addition to the standard LeadMaster sections (Contact Info, Click Actions, Profile Summary etc.), the LeadMaster administrator can also include fields and forms of your own design.

Above are 4 examples of sections that can be designed by the LeadMaster administrator. These examples are related to the insurance industry.

  • The first section contains expiration dates.
  • The second section contains data about agencies.
  • The third section contains customer survey data that may have come from a telemarketing program.
  • The fourth section contains a survey for the sales rep on the quality of the
  • lead.

All of these sections are designed to illustrate how an insurance company might use Lead-Xpress. This form could have just as easily been designed for any industry.

Sales Rep Comment/Notes – This section provides a place to record interactions with the customer.

All of the previous comments can be displayed in both the email and the web form.

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