Track Who Entered Records into your LeadMaster System

Although LeadMaster doesn’t have a search for who entered the record, it is fairly straightforward to create a workflow that will allow you to search to find out.

To begin create a marketing activity (or marketing status is you prefer) for each person you’d like to search on. For example:
•Records entered by Andy
•Records entered by Joe
•Records entered by Sue
•Records entered by Beth

Then create a workflow for each person you want to search on that is activated anytime a new record is entered into the system that add has a condition equal to either the group, account manager, partner or partner rep. The resulting action will be to add a marketing activity equal to that person’s name.

Now whenever a member of the group, account manager, partner or partner reps enters a record a marketing activity with their name will be added to the record as well.

You can search at both the record and contact level for marketing activities.

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