Creating User Logons


Admin/Administration page> User/Workgroup section > View/Edit Existing User Logins


Adding User Logons is similar when creating Users. Adding User Logons however allows the Administrator to set up advanced settings like user type, label set, workgroup access and privileges at the individual user level. User created from Add Logon page adds them to the logon list only and needs to be manually added to the hierarchy list.

  1. Log into LeadMaster CRM
  2. Go to Admin/Administration page
  3. On the Adminstration page, under User/Workgroup section expand Login Management / User Security accordion and click on Create New User Login. This will redirect you to the Add Logon page.
  4. On Add Logon page fill out the fields in the following sections:
    • User Information
    • Workgroup Access
    • Homepage
    • Adding Records
    • Viewing and Editing Records
    • Top Banner and Side Menu Items to Display
    • Searching
    • Reporting
    • Email Settings
    • SMS
    • Library
    • Adding/Editing Field Edits
    • Administration
    • Integration Options
    • Advanced Privileges
    • Offline/Mobile Access Privileges
    • Calendar and Callback Events
  5. Click Submit
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