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What is this email I get every day from the LeadMaster CRM? Daily Email Notification


LeadMaster has a variety of options for sending per-configured email reminders. Below you’ll see the list of available pre-configured customizable emails. The second one in the list is the ‘Daily Email Notification’ and the one we’ll examine in this article. This email contains a summary of activity for the accounts assigned to an account manager or partner rep.

Appointment/Call Back Notification
Daily Email Notification 
Lead-Xpress Notification – Single Record Assignment 
Lead-Xpress Notification – Multiple Record Assignment 
General Email Notification 
Single Record Assignment Notification
Multiple Record Assignment Notification 
Task Assignment Email Notification 
Task Assignment Text Notification 
CRM-Xpress Notification – Single Record Assignment
CRM-Xpress Notification – Multiple Record Assignment


From: Daily Lead Support [mailto:leads@crmtool.net]
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2020 12:08 AM
To: Joe Franklin (jofrankl)
Subject: Daily Lead Report

Below is the daily summary of activity on your accounts. Please do not reply directly to this e-mail message, as this is an unattended e-mail account.

– 294 New Lead(s) assigned on 31-May-2020

– Aerostar International,Inc.: MARTIN HARMS
– Aerostar International,Inc.: LARRY MANDERSCHEID
– Agcountry Farm Credit Services,Aca: LORI LABAHN

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