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Custom Forms – Types of Custom Forms

Custom Forms are forms that can be attached at the Record level, the Opportunity level and the Contact level to hold a wide range of information, allowing for the customization of a user’s specific data retention needs.  One of the unique features of Custom Forms, is that many of the fields on the Custom Forms are searchable. 

Types of Custom Forms:

Supplemental Form – can be attached to a profile when records are manually added to the application or anytime after adding a record

Web Form – developed the same way as Supplemental Forms but can be made available for direct web input into the application database (via a special plug-in development tool or thru our post-to-form process)

Sales Form – developed the same way as Supplemental Forms but can be linked “in-line” into the Sales Update page (instead of just being an attachment via a pop-up this form appears as if it is part of the actual Sales Update page) and can be made variable by individual campaign.     

Feedback Form – this form appears “in-line” at the end of the Sales Update page and can contain a series of questions regarding the lead (used for Sales Feedback purposes) 

Opportunity Form – this form appears in the Sales Opportunity section of the Edit Profile and Record Update page and can be customized for a particular workgroup 

Case Form – this form appears in the Case section of the Record page and can be customized for a particular workgroup.

Smart Form – this form appears in the Forms section of the Record. This form can be customized with HTML, CSS & JS.

Custom Forms are built via a unique tool that was developed for use with this application. This is only available to users that have Manage Custom Forms permission enabled for their logon.

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