Label Type Questions

Label type questions are very handy in that they can be used to provide extra information or instructions to the submitter.  Label types can be used to provide for very long questions such as Terms agreement questions.  The Add Label window looks like:

On this screen you will see the Section selection field.  This always defaults to the section where you clicked on the “Add New question” link.  At any time you may change this to another section if you wish by selecting the new section from the list then clicking the Submit button.

There is also a row of formatting icons that will allow you to format your text.  Copy/pasting is not recommended as this will bring over hidden formating that is specific to where you copied the text from, such as Word.  This can make formatting your text difficult and cause issues with how it is displayed in various browsers.

Next is the content area where you will actually enter your content.  Below the Content area is the Order which allows you to change the order of where the questions appears in the section.  Last is the Add another question checkbox.  Placing a checkbox here then submitting you questions takes you back to the Question type screen where you can select the type of your next question.  This is very handy when you have a lot of questions to create for your form.

Editing and Deleting the Label Question

Label questions can be Edited and Deleted but not Deactivated.  To edit a Custom Form label question click on the question and make your edits and save the question. To Delete click on the question and then click on the delete button.

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