Logon Management


Admin/Administration page> User/Workgroup section > View/Edit Existing User Logins


The Logon Management page is where you can add, view and edit existing user logons and security templates.

  1. User ID – User’s unique ID
  2. First and Last Name – User’s first and last name
  3. Email Address – User’s email address
  4. Type – User Type
  5. Database and Workgroup – list of database and workgroup that the user has access to
  6. Created – date when the user and logon was created
  7. Updated – date when the user and logon was last updated
  8. Last Access – shows when the user last logged in
  9. Status – shows if the user and logon is active, not active or deleted
  10. Count – shows the number of counts the user accessed the CRM
  11. Privileges – set of privileges and functions available for the user
  12. Internal Setting – security options for the user
  13. User Settings – where users can edit and update non-required and informational settings
  14. Manage Logons – Option to add, import, export and download logons
  15. Security Levels – add a set of security privileges for a particular set of users and then use that template when creating future user logons
  16. Help Guide – link to the help topics
  17. Reset Filters – clear your previous logon search criteria

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