Importing Report Subscriptions into Xtreme-Reports

The new report subscription authentication will require a few more steps to make sure they can be imported into Xtreme-Reports.

When creating new Report Subscriptions, you’ll find two new options to apply security:

When using this subscription for importing into Xtreme-Reports, you’ll need to select the second option “Enter Password to View Report” and give the subscription a password in the available text field.

Once you select this option you’ll see a checkbox appear for “Xtreme-Report.” You want to make sure this is checked so that the URL created will work with Xtreme-Reports.

Finish creating the subscription, run it, and get the new link that arrives in the email.

When you import into Xtreme-Reports, the process is identical with one exception. Below the URL is the option to “Add Parameters.” Open this option, and make sure the settings match the below image:

The Method must be “Get,” Parameter Name must be “LMPassword” (case sensitive), the Value must be the password you set when you created the Report Subscription, and the “Send Request as” needs to be “Header” instead of Parameter. No other changes will be needed, and you can click the Next button to continue the import as normal.

Please note that if the settings are not correct, you will see an error that states “Sorry, the imported html file has no table contents.” Re-verify the Parameter settings, try again, and you should be able to continue as normal.

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