Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync

By default, the Contact option is disabled and not available in the CRMTool Sync Configuration window.

1. To enable the Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync, navigate to your computer’s local drive and open CRMTool’s installation folder – usually in:

C:> Program Files > CRMTool > Sync > and look for the CrmSynchAddIn.dll.config file.

2. Right click on the CrmSynchAddIn.dll.config file and open it in notepad – (Note that editing and saving a config file requires Administration privileges)

3. Look for the string highlighted below – and change SyncContacts setting to TRUE > Save.

Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync

4. Once changes have been saved, Launch Outlook > go to the CRMTool tab > and open the Configuration window.

5. Place a check in the Contacts box and select from the 2 Contact Sync options:

LeadMaster CRM - Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync

Sync with existing Outlook contacts only – Selected by default. Server data that matches existing Outlook contacts will be synced but new Outlook contacts will not be created.
Sync all server contacts down to Outlook – All server data will be synced down to Outlook and new Outlook contacts will be created.

6. Click “OK” to save the changes.

7. Click the “Synchronize” button to Initialize Contact Sync.

LeadMaster CRM - Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync
LeadMaster CRM - Outlook CRMTool Contact Sync
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