Email Address Verification

To comply with anti-spam regulations and ensure the highest possible deliverability rates, the sender’s email address must be verified through a quick email-based verification process.

In order to send mass/bulk emails and add a “Source” or “From” email address in LeadMaster’s E-Marketing, Users are required to authorize and verify their email addresses first.

When the user visits the Send Email area for the first time, the system will prompt them to verify their email address. The system instantly sends a verification email address to the email address listed on the user’s account and the user simply clicks on the verification link in the email. Back in the application, they can then click Continue to proceed with the Send Email process.

Verify Personal Email Address

You can verify the email address that is associated with your log on for the Leadmaster system through the Search option.

1. Do a Record/Contact search – or search for a specific contact
2. From the Search Results page, click the Record/Contact Options button
3. Select and click Email
4. When prompted, select “Yes, I want to verify my email address now”
5. A verification email message will be sent to the email address listed on your account immediately.
6. Check your email for the verification email message
7. Simply click on the verification link in that email message to verify your email address.

Verify Workgroup Email Address

Administrators can verify additional email addresses for their team by going to Administration page > Marketing / Email / Lead Nurturing Campaigns section > Email Address Verification.

This feature is useful for teams running marketing campaigns that should be sent from generic or campaign-specific corporate email addresses (e.g. sales@, info@, events@ etc.)

The main Email Verification screen displays the email address and status (verified or pending) for all submitted email addresses.

By clicking on the Add Email Address button, the Administrator can trigger verification email to one or more addresses. Just like the user email verification, the recipient must then click on the verification link in the email that they receive.

How to verify new email addresses:

1. Enter email address(es) in the box on the left
2. Click the “Send Verification Email” button
3. Check your email for the verification email message
4. Click on the link included in the verification email message
5. Click the “Refresh” link on the ‘Email Address Verification’ page to update the status of email address verifications

Once a group email is verified, it is available to all users for use in the “from” and “reply to” fields in addition to their own email address.

Administrators can also delete email addresses (either verified or pending) via the main Email Verification page.

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