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This feature is available in APP4 only.


The LeadMaster Survey Campaign feature is designed to help you get feedback from the contacts in your LeadMaster CRM. This article contains step-by-step instructions to show you how. Should you need assistance your LeadMaster representative will be happy to help you.

Creating your Survey Form

First step is to create a Survey Form that you will use for the Survey Campaign. By adding a new form, you can add your survey questions on any types of Forms.

Go to (1) Admin, select (2) Custom & Web Forms

Adding A New Form

This brings you to the Custom Forms list page. Now, click on (3) Options and select (4) Create Survey.

A modal window opens that gives you option to select a ready template from the Survey Gallery and option to Create Survey from Scratch.

Click (5) Start from Scratch if you wish to start from a blank template.

Creating a Survey

Click on (6) Choose from Gallery to start creating your Survey using one of LeadMaster’s pre-designed Survey templates.

Creating a Survey

Another way of creating a Survey Campaign is by clicking (7) Options > then select (8) Create Custom Form. This will open the Add Custom Form window.

Creating a Survey

On the Add Custom Form window, enter your desired (9) Survey Form name > Look for the (10) Survey Forms option and make sure you have selected “YES” before you click on Submit to create the Survey form.

After submitting the new Survey form, it will redirect you to the Design Form page where you can start adding questions and responses.

Adding Survey Questions

On the Design Form page, you can start adding questions by clicking the (11) + icon beside the Section Name and clicking on the type of fields you want to add.

Click the (12) “Rating an Item” question type which is considered the critical part of any Survey form.

When adding the Rating an Item question, there are 3 required parts:

  1. Question (purple) – Type in (13) the Question in this field;
  2. Rating Scale (yellow) – Select (14) the number of ratings – this represents the number of Rating Scale options – type in the options on each boxes;
  3. Rating Items (red) – Select (15) the number of items to rate – this represents the number of items to be rated – type in the items or categories to be rated.

In this example, I have added 2 options for Rating ScaleLike and Dislike; and 3 options for Rating ItemsAccuracy of Information, Coverage and Presentation.


  • The “Rating an Item” question contains multiple responses and cannot be mapped to any other fields.
  • Most Special characters are not allowed to be entered in the Rating Scale and Rating Items. The only allowed special characters are spaces, ^ tilde and ? question mark.

Editing The Form

You can always edit the question to add more options or change the scale by (16) clicking on the Question Name.

  • You can Update or change the Question name;
  • Add/Remove the number of Rating scale or Rating items (17) by selecting the dropdown beside the “Number of Ratings / Items to Rate”;
  • Edit the Items and Options
  • Remove/Delete some options by (18) clicking on the Trash bin icon beside each item.
  • Don’t forget to click the SUBMIT button when done editing to save the changes.

Customizing Form Sections

When designing the Survey form, you’ll see a left panel with different customization options on how you want your section to look like.

  • You can adjust the Heading Background color and apply it to All sections or only to this section
  • Make adjustments to the Fonts;
  • Add a divider on each section.

Below is how the section will look like after the styles have been saved.

Compiling the Form

Your Survey Form is almost ready; you will need to Compile the Form to activate it and generate a URL which can be inserted when creating a Survey Campaign.

On the Design Form Page, mouse-over (19) Custom Form Options > then click (20) Compile Form. Click (21) OK to proceed.

After compiling the form, you will then be redirected to the Custom Forms list page along with the generated link ready for your Survey Campaign.

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