Converting Existing Email Templates with CSS To LeadMaster

Suppose you’ve got a great looking email template that you want to use in LeadMaster but when you copy / paste the source code it doesn’t look the same.  What’s wrong?  Chances are that your email template contains CSS which the LeadMaster editor ignores.

To get email templates with CSS to work in LeadMaster the entire template has to be converted to a specific in-line version of CSS…no CSS in the header, etc.

Once that is done, copy the code for the entire table that contains the email ( not the body tag ) and past it into the code setting in LeadMaster. With that done, you need to go back through the LeadMaster version and double check the links that were set in the original HTML against what is now in LeadMaster as LeadMaster will strip them out in some cases (especially links associated with images like headers and logos, etc.).

After that, you should be good to go.

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