Azure File Access

LeadMaster stores files (proposals, pictures, etc) in Azure. If you’d like access to all your files (download, backup etc) ask your LeadMaster representative.

Access Files Using Azure Storage Explorer

1. To get started, you will need the Azure Storage Explorer. You can download it from the link below:


2.Next, you’ll need a ‘Shared Access Signature‘. Your LeadMaster representative will provide that to you. Safeguard that signature as it will provide access to all of your files.

3.After installing the Azure Storage Explorer you’ll need to connect to your storage area by clicking ‘Quick Access‘ in the left panel and then selecting ‘Use a Shared Access Signature‘ in the dialog that appears.

4.The dialog that appears will ask for the ‘Display Name‘ and URL. Enter wkgp# where # is your workgroup ID and the URL is the Shared Access Signature. Click next and click connect.

5.Now you’ll see all the files. You can sort on ‘Last Modified’ and download some or all of the files.

6.When you are finished you can select the storage container, right click and choose disconnect. Then select Quit to exit the Azure Storage Explorer.

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