No Records Found When Searching by Campaign


I cannot find a lead when I search by Campaign. The Records/Leads only show up when I search by Record Name – with the campaign showing as ID=[campaign name] on the Search Results page.


When you do a search with no criteria and you see a record that says ID=[something] in the Campaign column on the search results screen, that tells you that there is no existing Campaign with that Campaign ID value.  You will be able to search for and find that particular record using fields such as the First and Last Name but not when searching for the Campaign Name. When you go into one of these records after having located it using a First and/or Last Name search you will see that no Campaign is showing in the Campaign field.

When a Campaign is created it has both a Name and an ID.  The Name is what you will see in the selection lists and other places in the application.  The ID is the “Internal Value” that the application uses for all it’s internal processing. 

To avoid problems in the future, we recommend using the same Name and ID when setting up Campaigns.


Many times users will import records and put the Campaign’s Name in the import file instead of the Campaign ID.  This will cause the above issue because the Campaign ID is not usually the same as the Campaign’s Name.

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