Accessing information on Contacts, Opportunities & Custom Forms from the Search Results screen

To improve your ability to cull through records quickly  you can access to key components of the record from the Search Results page.There are three configurable columns available to display on the search results page:

  1. Contacts
  2. Opportunities
  3. Custom Forms

Each column in the search results page will include an image.  When the mouse is positioned over the image the list of contacts / opportunities / custom forms associated with the record will be displayed.From the accounts / search results page, the user can update contact information, opportunity information and custom form information.You’ll need to make a couple of changes to your system to access the new features.  From ‘Administration’ / ‘Customize Labels’, the user can configure the labels for each of these columns.

Customize the labels to access Contacts, Custom Forms & Opportunities from Search Results by giving them labels. You can then create a search results view to include these new columns.

Add a Custom View of Search Results to see the new columns. Click on search and then click on GO and you’ll see a search results page with your new icons.

The new search results page with the ‘More Info’ Icons. The additional features can be accessed directly from the search results page
· Sending Email
· Attaching a Custom Form
· Assigning Records
· Assigning a Campaign
· Adding a Marketing Activity
· Request an Update to Records
· Add Notes
· Access Call Stats / Click Actions / Express Updates
· Add to a Lead Nurturing Track
· Use the Weblinks
· Access / Edit Contacts
· Access / Edit Opportunities
· Access / Edit Custom Forms

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