Not all Outlook Calendar events are being sync’d with LeadMaster

Question : Not all Outlook calendar events are being sync’d with Leadmaster – most are there but not all of them. The CRMTool log looks clean but when the Outlook Calendar is side by side with Leadmaster there are some events that are missing.

Answer: 2 possible reasons why Outlook and LeadMaster Calendar don’t match: Private Events and Duplicate Outlook Calendar.

Outlook events, when marked as “Private” will not sync with LeadMaster Calendar
If you have synced Outlook events/contacts with LeadMaster that you later mark as Private, the synced records will still be visible in your LeadMaster Calendar – but will no longer receive updates.

Multiple Outlook Account/Calendars – which may or may not have the same Calendar events/appointments
Having multiple Outlook Calendars can not only cause issues with missing calendar events or records – it can also cause duplicate synced events. You should consider using just one.

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