How to print a mailing label

If you want to print a mailing label, you will have to download the list from LeadMaster and then create the mailing labels from MS Word.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1 – download the contacts you want to print mailing labels for:

  1. Go to search and filter your desired fields
  2. Build a download template (you only need to build the template once, after that you simply select the template)
  3. Download the Search result using your template (You will have the option to include secondary contacts and remove duplicates from your download)
  4. Open the download file

Step 2 – create the mailing labels using MS Word:

  1.  Prepare the worksheet data in Excel for the mail merge
  2. Configure the labels for the mail merge in Word
  3. Link the worksheet data to the labels in the mail merge
  4. Define the list of recipients that you want to include on the labels
  5.  Populate the labels with placeholders for address information
  6. Preview and print the labels
  7. Save the labels for future use

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