LeadMaster Weblinks – Connect to other Online Applications like Social Media apps – FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter etc

Weblinks provide a convenient way for you to connect LeadMaster to other online applications, examples include social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as any other applications that you can access through a browser.  Using Weblinks you can quickly and easily look up the profile of any of your contacts / companies.

To create a weblink you’ll need Admin Access.  The typical use is to search the other application for the company or contact that resides in LeadMaster.

For example, suppose you have a new prospect and you want to read about them on FaceBook.

Here’s the search string that you’d put in the Weblink for a Facebook Company search.


Here’s the search string that you’d put in the Weblink for a Facebook Contact search.


Sometimes the software company makes it hard to find the search box without logging in.  Usually with a little exploring you’ll be able to find a place to search.  Twitter is a good example.   Here’s the search string for a Twitter Company Search


Here’s a search for Linkedin that searches by company name and returns a list of contacts associated with that company.


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