User and Logon – Internal Security


Admin/Administration page> User/Workgroup section > View/Edit Existing User Logins > Logon Management Page > Click Internal


After setting up the user logon page the administrator will be presented with the Internal Security page (also available for existing logons by clicking on the hyperlink (Internal) on the main Logon Management page) that further defines the users access to a particular workgroup.

PREREQUISITES: User with the following privilege: Add / Edit / Delete Logons

For Admin level logons that have access to more than one workgroup the user will be presented with a “summary” level page showing all workgroups, such as below:

User and Logon - Internal Security

The Internal Security attributes for each workgroup can be viewed by clicking on the Settings hyperlink.  If the logon has access to only one workgroup then this page will not appear and it will automatically display the detailed Internal Security page below.

The individual Internal Security level can be edited by clicking on the hyperlink. Below is an example of the detailed Internal Security level for a single workgroup: 

Logon Management - Internal Security

Workgroup – This shows the Workgroup being configured for the logon’s internal setting.

Infohub – This is where you select the Infohub or Info Center to be presented to the user
when they log into a particular Workgroup via this user logon.

Label Set – This option establishes what Label Set will be used for this Logon/Workgroup

Listed in Callback Assignment – Controls whether the user/logon being configured is available for callback assignment.

Access to Lead Nurturing – Controls whether the user/logon being configured can access the Campaign Management functions which includes Lead Nurturing.

Access to Call Tracking – Controls user’s access to track calls.

Campaign / Geography Access

Logon Management - Internal Security - Campaign Access

Campaign / Geography Access – This function restricts Workgroup access by campaign(s), State(s), Zip code(s) and County(s). Multiple selections can be made by holding down the CTRL key for individual selection or the SHIFT key for range selection.

NOTE: These additional restrictions are usually used only by User Types: Global Users and Administrators – since access at the Group, Account Manager, Partner, Partner Rep level are already restricted to only those records assigned to that particular level.

Search Filter Access

Limit Access To Companies Using a Search Filter – This restriction applies to all user types – Global User, Administrator, Group, Account Manager, Partner, Partner Rep. Once you click the check box you’ll be presented with the LeadMaster search engine where you can select your choice of things to search on.

The restrictions you add via the search engine will be in addition to any restrictions placed on the user account already in place.  To clarify, if a user can’t see records before the search engine restrictions they won’t be able to see them after the search engine restrictions.  For example, suppose a Partner Rep had access to all the records in the state of Texas you might use a search filter to restrict their access to the records only in Dallas and Houston.

This internal setting provides LeadMaster users with the ultimate control over who has access to records in the LeadMaster CRM.

Library Private Folders Access

Logon Management - Internal Security - Library Private Folders Access

Private Root Folders – List of private folders in the Workgroup’s Library.

Has Access To – List of Library Folders that are available to the User/Logon that is currently being configured.


Logon Management - Internal Security - Reports

Reports – The Reports function can be used to explicitly define what reports this logon will be allowed to see for this Workgroup.

Email Template Private Folders Access

Email Template Private Folders – Allows the user to be set up to view Email Templates folders that have been set up as private in this Workgroup.

Group/Partner Access

Logon Management - Internal Security - Group/Partner Access

Group/Partner Access – This function allows for an Administrator type logon to be restricted at the Group/Partner or Account Manager/Partner Rep level [this should only be used for User Type = Administrator]. This can be used for the purpose of setting up other level of access such as one that might have access to several Groups such as a regional manager.

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