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Currency Symbols Not Showing Correctly


Workgroups configured to support and display multiple currencies.


Some currency symbols are displayed as goofy characters and do not show correctly on Records, Reports and Opportunity pages.


For users that are using multiple currencies and are using others aside from USD, they’ll need to use the decimal encoding of that currency. For instance, if Euro is one of your supported currencies, replace the existing symbol to its decimal encoding value.


  1. From the “Administration” page under Advanced Customization/Options section, click on the “Manage Currency Support”.
  2. Click Edit for Euro
  3. Replace the existing symbol with &#8364.

Some of the Most Used Currencies and Symbols

Listed below are some of the most used currencies with their HTML, DEC and HEX Codes.

Currency UnitSymbolISO CodeHTML Entity CodeHTML Decimal CodeHTML Hex Code
US dollar$USD $$
British pound£GBP£££
Japanese yen¥JPY¥¥¥
South Korean wonKPW ₩₩
PesoPHP ₱₱
Thai baht฿THB ฿฿

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