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Note: Your access to certain features and functions is determined by your security profile (set by your Administrator). Depending on your access privileges, you may find that some of the options described in this document are not displayed. If you have any questions about your security privileges, please contact your LeadMaster Representative.


LeadMaster wants you to implement our software successfully. We’ve found two critical factors that help our customers succeed:

Your dedicated LeadMaster consultant: This person will always be your primary contact with LeadMaster. We understand how frustrating it is to call an “800” number, trying to explain your business to a complete stranger. We think if you have had this experience, you’ll appreciate your dedicated consultant.

LeadMaster is highly customizable: Our software is designed to be customized to fit your business, not the other way around. To make the system work for you, you’ll want to have a variety of components set up and customized.

LeadMaster consultants are seasoned professionals. Whether your goal is simply to generate better leads or to manage your entire sales and marketing process, LeadMaster is here to help. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of companies from virtually every industry.

Implementation Meeting

We start with our ‘Customer Implementation Meeting’ where we discuss the following:

  • Current business processes
  • Current sales & lead management processes
  • Requirements
  • Goals
  • Scope
  • Timeline

Sample business process questions:

  • Do you sell a product or service?
  • What departments are going to be using the system?
    • Sales, Marketing, Customer Service…
  • Definition of Hierarchy
    • Do you have direct reps or sell through distributors / partners?
    • How are your territories defined?
    • Do reps have exclusive territories?
    • Should one rep be able to see another rep’s accounts?
    • Do you have more than one sales manager?
    • Should one manager be able to see another manager’s accounts?
  • Do you want your reps to have a login to the system?
  • How many people will be using the system?
    • What are their roles?
  • Who should have access to delete data?
  • Who should have access to download data?
  • Who should have access to email marketing?
  • Do you do business with the EU?
    • RE: GDPR
  • Do you want to track sales deals?
  • How do you track sales deals now?
  • Do you have an inside sales team?

Sample sales & lead management process questions:

  • Where do your leads come from?
  • How do you manage your leads?
  • Do you have your sales stages defined?
  • Do you want to track performance vs. quota with the system?
  • What are the key performance indicators for the sales team(s)?

Sample requirements questions:

  • Do you have a system in place?
  • Will we be migrating legacy data from that system?
  • Do you want to tie in your website?
  • Will you be managing marketing campaigns?
  • What type of data do you want to capture in the system?
  • Do you need to integrate with other systems?
  • Do you want to require strong passwords
    • Minimum # of characters
    • Require Upper / Lower Case
    • Require a Number
    • Require a Special Character – !@#$^&*()_+
    • Expire Passwords after X Days
    • Lockout after X Number of Attempts
    • Can use Previous Passwords
    • Number of Passwords Checked for Previous Use

The scope and timeline will be determined largely from the questions to the above answers.
We begin to build your system by creating a secure workgroup just for you. This is where all of your data will reside. We suggest you provide us with a file of your sample data as soon as you can for the set up. We begin customization of Fields and Page Layout, Create Templates, Quotes, Custom Forms, and Workflows that were agreed upon.

After the initial set up we like to follow up with you to review the business process, templates, workflows, and custom forms to make sure it works for your business before we train the admin and end users.

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