How To Use the LeadMaster Proposal and Document Generator

Proposal and Document Generator

Since its inception, LeadMaster has provided the ability to extend the finite amount of application fields by incorporating Flexform (Custom Form) functionality. In other words, whatever information you would want to capture on a LeadMaster record can be achieved through the use of a Custom Form. The look and feel of the form – although very easy to use and interact with – is very basic in nature and not ideal for printing and sending to a 3rd party.

But now, with the advent of the Proposal/Document Generator, you will have the ability to create eye-pleasing MS Word documents and merge them with your Custom Form document. The Proposal Generator in the LeadMaster CRM allows you to merge data from the CRM into a Word document. The Word document can be any type of documents – for example, a legal document or a proposal.


In order to create material used in LeadMaster’s Document Generator, you will need two menu items added to the Custom Forms/Web Forms/Quotes accordion folder of the Main Admin menu of the specific workgroup.

These two menu items are:
a) Create & Map HTML Forms to Custom Forms
b) Proposal Generator – Manage Documents.

User must have the privilege to create Proposals
Logon Management Page > Viewing/Editing Records > Create Proposals must be checked/enabled


  1. Add and Design Custom Form as you normally would but upon adding, you will need to choose “Smart” as your Form Type.
  1. Once the Custom Form is compiled, navigate to the Main Admin menu and click the Custom Forms/Web Forms/Quotes accordion folder. From there, choose the Create & Map HTML Forms option which will navigate you to the Webforms Template List.
  2. Click Add Webform Template button
  1. Select the HTML Custom Form you want to map from the Select Custom Form drop down menu
  2. Choose the field from the Custom Form you want to insert into the Content section.
  3. Click Submit button at bottom of page when completed.
  1. Navigate back to Main Admin menu and click the Custom Forms/Web Forms/Quotes accordion folder (although the folder may still be open) and choose Custom Forms and Proposal GeneratorManage Documents.
  2. Click Manage Folders button and create a folder.
  3. Click Document Templates button to navigate back to previous screen
  4. Click Add Document button, name your document, select folder for storage, and upload your Word document.

NOTE: These instructions do not cover the creation of the Word document to be used. Please contact your LeadMaster consultant for help with Word document creation..

  1. Once your Word document is loaded, click the Document to Custom Form Map button.
  2. Click New Document to Custom Form Map button.
  3. Select Document and Custom Form from their respective drop-down menus.
  4. Map the fields.
  5. Click Submit Button at bottom.

Once all this is set up, you can now navigate to a record, attach the HTML custom form, and fill out the pertinent information on the form.

When completed, hover your mouse over the Record Options button, choose Create Document shortcut, choose folder containing document, choose document and click Create.

MS Word will launch and you will be able to view your nice, new document with all the custom form fields.

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