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This document addresses the Custom Label feature with the application and how to utilize it. Located at Administration > Customize Labels. ONLY available for users with this permission.

The Custom Labels pertain to the set of field label values that are to be used for a particular logon. There is a standard template that the application uses called Standard. This template can be copied and renamed to a unique name and then modified to contain whatever values you want for a particular customer (Database/Workgroup).

Custom Labels is accessed by clicking on the Administration function in the top banner of the application and then selecting the hyperlink called Custom Labels.

The following is an example of the Custom Labels file maintenance screen:

The Current Label Set pull-down will give you access to Standard and all of the custom label set that have been created and assigned to workgroups/companies that you have access to per your logon.

To create a new custom label set you need to click on the Current Label Set pull-down and select either the Standard or another one that you have access to copy. Then click on Save As… tag and type in the name that you want to call the new custom label set. You will be prompted to Identify what workgroup(s)/company(s) you want to assign the new current label set to. [Note: Admin users can only view those custom label sets that have been assigned to workgroup(s)/company(s) they have access to]

The column called Custom Label is the actual fields tag names that are displayed in the application. These include individual field tags as well as section and other field tags. Clicking on the Custom Label tag on the screen will allow the user to sort the Custom Label in ascending or descending in order.

The pull-down field called Label Group will allow you to “filter” the Current Label Set to different groups of fields such as:

You can move from one page to the next by using the Page Results feature in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can also type in an explicit page number and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

[Note: The Label Name column is the name of the name of the field internally in the application and the Database Field is the actual SQL name for the field. These fields are not available for update by the user]

You can modify the field labels by clicking on the edit hyperlink to right of the Custom Label field tag you want to modify. The following is the screen that will pop-up:

To modify the field tag, type in a different value in the Label Alias field and click on Submit. This will modify the field tab name for any user who has their Logon Label Set set to the Current Label Set that you are modifying.

Very Important Note: User will not see these changes until they log into the application again because session variables including field tags are set at logon time. So, AFTER making custom label changes, you MUST log off LeadMaster and login again in order to see your new labels.

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