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LeadMaster let’s you create ‘Custom Forms’ that you can use for Data Collection and customize to fit your specific needs.  Custom forms are easy to build and offer a high degree of customization.

When clicking the “design” link on the Custom Forms List page for any custom form  you will be taken to the design page.  Here you will actually design how you want your Custom Form to look.  Additionally, there are several other functions available to you here.

The various tabs and horizontal navigation consist of:

Custom Forms List – takes the user back to the Custom Form List Page

Add Section – this allow for the creation of sections within the custom form (see below)

Preview Form – this allows for viewing what the form will look like to the user

Compile Form – this compiles the form and makes it available for selection by the user. Forms should be developed and finalized before compiling them into a “production” mode (questions and answers should never be deleted from a compiled custom form once “live” data is input.  If a question is no longer needed it should be deactivated.  This allows the data to still be retrieved in the future but restricts the question from being viewed on the active form.)

Save Form As – this allows for the “cloning” of an existing form within the workgroup list of Custom Forms (when this feature is used the saved form will be in the un-compiled mode)

Upload Logo (second row) – allows for upload of a company logo to be used when displaying the Custom form

Edit Profile Fields (second row) – allows for inclusion of basic fields on the Custom Form

Copy/Import Questions (second row) – allows for copying and importing questions from other custom forms into an existing custom form

Import Responses (second row) – allows for importing of responses into radio or multiple choice type questions [file must be one column of responses and be in .txt fomat]

The remainder of the screen is for the design of the form itself and will be discussed in the following pages.

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