Text, Encrypted Text and Text Area Type Questions

Below are the three screens for the different types of Text based questions.  Each of these screens vary slightly but all have some of the same basic parameters.  These are Section / Question (content) / Type (non-changeable description) / Required / Read Only / Order / Add another question.

Text Input Field

There are additional fields of:

Size – allows you to specify how wide you want the field to display

Maximum Length – allows you to specify the maximum number of characters you want to allow in the field

Datatype – allows you to specify and format whether the input text is text only, Date or of type Numeric only. When selecting Date a small calendar will appear next to the field in the finished Custom Form for the user to enter a date with.  When selecting Numeric you are then presented the additional formating options of Decimal Places / Separator(,) / Type (Number or Currency)

Editable in Reports – allows you to edit this value when in various reports

Map to Field – allows you to specify where you would like to put the information that is gathered in this field.  Example: you have a call center that you do not want in the workgroup but want them to be able to enter leads.  You would create your demographic fields on the Custom Form and map each field to different demographic (Contact) information fields such as First Name.

Encrypted Text Field

The encrypted text field provides for the same type of DataType formating but does not allow editing of the value once entered.

Textarea Field

Textarea fields are typically used for questions such as “Comments” or “Message”. Textarea fields can have their size formated by adjusting the Number of Columns and Numer of Rows parameters.  Textarea questions are for general text input and are not formatted specifically for Dates or Numeric datatypes.

Adding Sub-Questions

Text and Textarea question allow for “Sub-Questions”.  An example would be to ask the question “Do you like fruit?” Then to ask “Which kind of fruit”.  To add a sub-question click on the “Add Sub Question” link next to the question.

Editing, Deleting and Deactivating Questions

All text based questions can be Edited and Deleted.  Only Text and Text area can be Deactivated.  To edit or deactivate a text based question, click on the question and make your edits or put a checkmark in the checkbox to deactivate the question. To Delete a text based question, click on the question then the delete button.

NOTE – We strongly recommend that no question be deleted once a custom form has been made live and data has been entered.  If you no longer want the question on your form you should deactivate it.  This allows you to still search for and report on the questions data that resides in existing records.

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