Custom Form List Page

The Custom Forms page lists all the custom forms that are available for a particular workgroup and for which the logged in user has permission to view. If the user has access to more than one workgroup then the individual workgroups will appear in the Workgroup pull-down table. 

The New Forms tab brings up the basic parameters page for defining a Custom Form. This page must be filled out before you can begin to design your Custom Form.

The Import Form tab allows the user to import (copy) custom forms from another workgroup (if they have access to more than one workgroup).

The “Link” column shows you whether the form has been compiled and is ready for use (a blue underlined hyperlink to the form will display) or if the form is still in it’s “Not Set Active” state, which is the default state while creating your form.

The “edit” link takes you to the forms parameters page where you can modify several of the various fields.

The “design” link takes you to the design interface for creating or modifying your Custom Form.

The “delete” link will delete the custom form.

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