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Not all administration features will be available to all users. Certain Admin Privileges affect customer billing and will only be turned on by request. Here is a brief overview of the administration functions.


Login Management / User Security – maintain User Logons including privileges (eg. Email, Custom Forms, Lead Nurturing, Workflow Automation etc.), Homepage, data access restrictions and other key data elements. This is a key function and is covered in detail in the Logon Management article.

Company Hierarchy / Assignments – maintain the company hierarchy – the CRM has four levels of lead assignment: Group/Organization and Account Manager, Partner and Partner Rep.

Manage Workgroups – maintenance of user’s workgroup parameters [may be set up as create/maintain or maintain only].

Automated Record Assignments – maintenance of automated assignment for the leads.

Track User Activity – query by Workgroup/User Type/Date Range to view individual user activity by # Logons, # Records Created and # Records Updated. This is especially useful for call center managers.

Track System Activity – provides different system and application activity reports.

Home Page / Dashboards / Shortcuts – Manage available shortcuts and dashboards at the Workgroup level. Any of the reports that are available can be turned into a shortcut on the home page. This is an easy way to make sure the things you do most often are only 2 clicks away. For example, a sales forecast can be a shortcut.

Campaign / Messaging / Reports

Campaign Management – maintain campaigns in terms of Campaign ID, Campaign Name and other Sales & Marketing information (including Survey Scripts).

Marketing / Email / Lead Nurturing Campaigns – maintenance of Email Templates, Marketing activities, lead nurturing and alternate email configuration.

Lead-Xpress / Email Notifications – for creation and maintenance of all system email notification templates.

Workgroup System Reports – list of available workgroup related reports.

Automation / Customization

Customize Screens & Fields / Record Mgmt – manage and maintain labels, Click-Actions and Section Orientation / Placement / Visibility for various pages.

Marketing Automation / Workflow Mgmt – manage and define business rules for both Call Stat functions and/or Profile Summary reference tables. For example, you may have a call stat button that marks the record that a call was placed today, puts a reminder in your calendar to call the prospect again tomorrow and sends the prospect an email saying you tried to reach them.

Custom Forms / Web Forms / Quotes – create, edit and maintain all custom forms associated with the workgroup. The custom forms are an easy to create / easy to use feature that allow you to essentially create a database within a database. You get to define the fields and layout. All the fields in the custom forms are searchable. It’s a great way to extend the functionality of the system.

System Reports – list of advanced workgroup and system reports.

Advanced Customization / Options – manage and maintain integration settings and configuration, web links and currency options.

Advanced Administration – manage and maintain advanced administration settings for the Workgroup.

System Logs – list of available system logs – Email messages log, performance log and more.

System Management – allows administrators to manage and maintain system banner menus, reports, skins etc.

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