Adding New Questions

Questions can be added to a section by clicking on the “New Question” link for that section.  There are several different types of questions that you can create. Next to each question type is an example of what the field looks like. 

The following input field types will be discussed further on their respective pages.  

Label – This allows for setting up the display of a text value label (no input values will be associated with it)
Text – basic text field
Text (encrypted) – encrypted text field
Text Area – field for input of large amount of text (user can defined size of field and box)
Radio – for use where user will select one response
Checkbox – for user where user can select more than one response
Single Select – pull-down box where user select one table entry
Multiple Select – pull-down box where user can select multiple table entries (by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT key)
Summed Question – this allows for the setup numeric values with an automatic total field (fields are set up as Sub Questions)
File Upload – Allows the submitter to upload a file while filling out a Custom Form. This file will be attached to the Custom Form. Note – you will need to ensure that Custom Forms are accessible as being Available as an attached form and the Custom Forms section will need to be enabled on the Edit Profile page of records.

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