Enable Access to the New Interface for an Old Workgroup

To enable access to the new interface for an old workgroup.

  1. Login to http://app.leadmastercrm.com/index_logon.asp with an Admin account that has access to the workgroup you want to access via the new interface. 
  2. Use ‘Manage Workgroups’ to access the setup for this workgroup.
  3. On the left hand side, 4th item from the top is ‘Display Style’ – choose ‘Modern LeadMaster’ from the drop down menu. Click Submit.

Now you’ll be able to login with the new interface via http://app.leadmastercrm.com/index_logon.asp

The interface is independent of the login ID, the user interface is controlled at the workgroup level

The WG user interface can be setup to display either a) the old interface or b) both the old interface and new interface.

If the WG setting is Classic, then the user will only see the classic interface and can only login via their existing login.

If the WG setting is Modern, then the user will be able to login to the classic interface using their existing login or they can login to the modern interface at app.leadmastercrm.com/index.asp

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