Custom Form Edit Page

The Custom Form Edit screen is comprised of several different parameter fields that allow you to customize your Custom Form.

Form name – name of Custom Form (can be modified after being created)

Response Page – this field can be used to enter a thank you page other than the system default. This can include a client hosted thank you page, or any other page the client wishes the form submitter to be directed to.  By entering the form url itself client’s can use this form as a web based lead entry for their call centers or sales staff.

Available as an Attached Form – this settings allows specifies whether the form is available to be attached at the record or contact levels.  If the form is not attached then data flows thru it into the record but does not allow the form to be edited once submitted.  Having the form attached at either the record or contact level allows updates to be made by users and is very instrumental for use by Call Centers and Sales staff.

Required when Adding New Records – Enabling this setting means that when a user enters a lead manually via the “Add New Records” function that the form will be presented at the time of lead creation for the individual who entered the lead.  Required fields on the Custom Form will be required to complete the lead creation.

 Automatic Numbering – whether individual question should be numbered or not

 Update General Comments – whether entire Custom Form should be written to the Campaign Survey/Responses field in the Lead Detail

 Spell Check Textarea Fields – Enable/Disable automatic Spell Check on this custom form

Date Format – define data form to be used for form fields [mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy]

Form Type – designate whether a Custom Form is Supplemental, Web, Sales, Feedback or Sales Opportunity

 Link Sales Form To: – if Custom Form type is Sales then what campaigns it applies to

Link Feedback Form To: – if Custom Form type is Feedback then what campaigns it applies to

The lower half of the Custom Form Edit Screen provides for the setting of individualized accessibility for the form.  A form can be made accessible by all users or limited to selected users by selecting the appropriate access checkbox.

If the form is to be restricted to only certain users then those users will have to be selected from the Available Users list and moved to the Selected Users list.

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