Requesting Updates to Records via Lead-Xpress

If a Workgroup has the Lead-Xpress & CRM-Xpress setting enabled, Users can request an update after the records have been assigned via Lead-Xpress.

Here are 3 ways to Request an Update to Records via Lead-Xpress:

On the Record Page
On the Record page > click Actions > then select Request Update

Search Results and Accounts List Page
On the Search Results and Accounts List Page > click Record Options > then select Request Update

When searching for Records > from the search results page > select your desired records. You can either select all of the records or you can select the records individually by putting a checkmark to the left of the record. Once the records have been selected it is time to Request an Update to Records. Scroll over Record Options and select Request an Update to Records.

At this point you can:

  • Request an update from the sales rep, the partner rep or both
  • Request an update for all the records or just the ones you’ve selected with a checkmark
  • Note the request in the Sales Comment area of each record.

When creating/updating a workflow > add resulting action > select Request an Update to the Record

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