How does Outlook Sync with LeadMaster? How does the CRM Sync Tool work?

The Outlooks Sync tool works with all types of users (including Admin), the only rule is that the user must have access to only 1 workgroup.

Here’s a video which explains how to set it up and how to sync the Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Email with LeadMaster.

Q: What happens if there’s a record in LeadMaster which matches one of my contacts in Outlook, but I don’t have access to that record in LeadMaster – will it still Sync?

A: When the client syncs a contact from Outlook the server checks to see if it the last name + email match with an existing contact record.  If there is a match then the server checks to see if the contact is associated with a company record. If yes, then it will only accept your changes if you have access to the company in LeadMaster. 
If contact is ‘loose’ (not linked to a company) then the server only accepts your changes if you’re the last person to update it, indicating that you own that contact.

If a contact ends up in the Filing Cabinet – it will not appear in search results.

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