Lead-Xtreme FAQ

1.) I can’t see the text in the Lead-Xtreme Message Ticker, how do I fix this?

By changing the color of the text in the Message Ticker. 

2.) It seems like Lead-Xtreme is not capturing 100% of website visitors, as there is a discrepancy between Lead-Xtreme search data and the email notifications I’ve received, even though I’ve double-checked to ensure that the Lead-Xtreme Code-Snippet has been successfully installed on all relevant webpages.

There will always be some discrepancy, and there are multiple factors at work. Firstly, the email may have contained visitors that were either duplicates of previous visitors and so wouldn’t show up as new, or could have been ISPs that don’t get entered into the system. Secondly, not every visitor is in the database that provides information about your visitors – so you could have a visitor, but if there’s no information about that visitor, then there’s nothing to put into the database.

3.) Is there a way to have our leads from Lead-Xtreme entered as a specific campaign, so we can track how many leads/sales we are getting from it?

Yes, a new Marketing Campaign can be created, labeled something such as “Lead-Xtreme”, and then configured so that all Lead-Xtreme future leads are assigned to that campaign.

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