How to FUM into the Record Sales Comments field

By design, users cannot directly update/append to the sales comment using LeadMaster’s FUM (File Update Maintenance) feature. However, you could Update/Append to a custom Feedback Form field (text area) mapped to the Record Sales Comment field. .

1. Create a Feedback Form with a Text Area field mapped to the record Sales Comments.

2. Compile and publish the Feedback Form

3. Have your .csv file ready

4. Log into LeadMaster > Hover your cursor over the Add a Record top menu and select Update/Append Records

5. Upload your .csv file for FUM. Complete the system field mapping and specify the key to determine which contact to update in the matched record.

6. Specify and select the Feedback Form to update with data

7. Once the FUM process has completed, check any of the updates Records and see if the additional notes are displayed in the Sales Comment field.

8. Delete the Custom Feedback Form – the data will remain on the Record Sales Comments.

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